We knew Lowdown Tracks was changing minds and touching hearts when it was voted top Canadian Audience Choice at the prestigious Hot Docs International Documentary Festival.

This inspired us to show the film to experienced housing advocates working with marginalized and vulnerable populations like the talented musicians from the film. They immediately saw its potential as a highly effective call to action tool and invited Lowdown Tracks to the Canadian Alliance to End Homelessness annual conference in Montreal.

The conference screening was pivotal. Attended by 800 people, it not only spurred an amazing effort to immediately offer permanent housing for the musicians in the film; it also sparked a first wave of cross-Canada community engagement screenings with groups like New Brunswick Non-Profit Housing Association, Region of Waterloo Housing Services, the Toronto Alliance To End Homelessness, and the British Columbia Non-Profit Housing Association.

Our goal is to host as many screenings as possible in 2016 and 2017 with community groups working in housing and mental health. We are also reaching out to smaller festivals,  high schools and university social work programs. Please join us!